Portable Snowmelter


Cost Comparison Analysis

Download the SRS-P70 Cost Comparison (PDF, 637KB)


Cleanout *Complete Melt Tank Tilt* with high volume pressure wash
Rated Melt Capacity 70 + tons/hr
Burner Output 17,000,000 BTU/hr (single burner)
Tank Water Temp. 80°F
Exit Water Temp. 39 – 40°F
Fuel No. 2 “winterized” diesel
Fuel Flow to Burner 90 – 107 US GPH
Water Outflow 280 US GPM
Tank Circulation 900 US GPM
Engine/Gent Set Diesel/Electric Generator
Towing System Standard SRS Pintle Hook
Heat Tank Water Capacity 1930 US gal
Melt Tank Water Capacity 515 US gal
Weight Empty 37,800 lbs.
Weight Full – Fuel & Water 64,900 lbs.
Fuel Tank Capacity 710 US gal
Length 33 ft. 11in.
Width 9 ft. 11 in.
Height 12 ft. 8 in.

Additional Technical Specifications

Download Technical Specifications for SRS-P70 (PDF,68KB)

Targeted for the municipal and contractor market, this new 70 TPH unit has been designed with all of the proven performance features of our larger capacity SRS-P100 snow melter, but with revolutionary new twists.

Keeping the operator in mind, and addressing the necessary clean out of all snow melters, our new fully tilting snow melt tank allows the residual debris to slide right out of the tank during the clean out process. The labor has been removed; use a wash hose instead of a shovel!


SRS incorporates all of the features and benefits the market needs in snow melting products, but was missing the smaller capacity unit to round out their mix. We are excited to have the proven performance features of the SRS-P100 now available in a 70 TPH machine. This new size will allow us to broaden our market scope and better serve our customers.

Andre Boutin
Manager — Off-Highway and Winter Maintenance Equipment
Joe Johnson Equipment Inc.