Snow Removal Systems, Inc., (SRS), founded in 2000 and headquartered in Stanwood, Washington, designs and manufactures portable/tow-behind snow melters, mobile or truck-mounted snow melters, and stationary in-ground snow melters for municipal, airport, contractor, and resort area applications. Our patented (# 6,904,708) snow melt process is the single most effective and environmentally friendly method available to the global marketplace.

Our HTS (Heat Transfer System), combined with extreme melt tank water circulation and agitation, gives the end user the optimum in snow melting technology and efficiency. This is a closed loop melting system, eliminating the escape of any exhaust carbon or particulates into the byproduct melt water as it exits the melt tank, which is inherent in submerged combustion melt methods. Our melt process also aleviates any Carbon Monoxide safety concerns for the operators also inherent in submerged combustion melt methods. The SRS designed melt process ensures the end user that they are not adding pollutants to the melt water and into the existing storm drain system. The end result is that the HTS application is absolutely the cleanest available process for melting snow.

Snow Removal Systems is the only snow melter manufacturer that aids the operators with mechanical clean-out devices. These devices consist of hydraulic lifting floors and tilting melt tanks used during the necessary clean-out of the snow melt tank at the end of a normal shift. See our videos for details.

In January of 2009, Mr. Larry Cunningham of Red Deer, AB, joined SRS to form SRSC (Snow Removal Systems Canada). Mr. Cunningham, President of SRSC, has an extensive background in the petroleum industry, developing and working with heated water related products in extreme winter climates. He is very innovative and brings an enormus amount of expertise in developing new products to the customers of SRS, SRSC, and SRS Europe.

In June 2009, SRS established SRS Europe with Mr. Rui Oliveira of Glory Road Solutions, Engineering and Consulting Ltd., Lisbon, Portugal. Mr. Oliveira and his associates will spearhead customer development throughout the European markets for years to come.

Snow Removal Systems utilizes a philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement. We strive to not only meet, but exceed our customer’s expectations.

Quality Assurance Policy

Snow Removal Systems looks upon our suppliers as partners and seeks to develop and maintain long-term business relationships with suppliers who, by virtue of their management philosophy and practice, ensure that a quality product or service is provided. We also view our suppliers as an extension of our own processes. Therefore, SRS intends to do business with only those suppliers who consider their customer as a true extension of their processes. Suppliers must ensure that each of their products or services complies with all the requirements mutually agreed to with Snow Removal Systems. Suppliers are accountable for the value of the products and services they provide as well as the value added in our processes. SRS expects its suppliers to employ process controls, which are consistent and appropriate for the operations being conducted. The strategy is to achieve, maintain, and improve stable and capable production processes.