Portable Snowmelter


Cost Comparison Analysis

Download the SRS-P100 Cost Comparison (PDF, 628KB)


Cleanout Hydraulically Operated Tilting Trays in Melt Tank
Rated Melt Capacity 100 – 125 + tons/hr
Burner Output 30,000,000 BTU/hr (single burner)
Tank Water Temp. 80°F
Exit Water Temp. 39 – 40°F
Fuel No. 2 “winterized” diesel
Fuel Flow to Burner 150 – 175 US GPH
Water Outflow 400 US GPM
Tank Circulation 1500 US GPM
Engine/Gent Set Diesel/Electric Generator
Towing System Standard SRS Pintle Hook
Heat Tank Water Capacity 3000 US gal
Melt Tank Water Capacity 2000 US gal
Weight Empty 49,000 lbs.
Weight Full – Fuel & Water 99,000 lbs.
Fuel Tank Capacity 800 US gal
Length 38 ft.
Width 9 ft. 10 in.
Height 13 ft. 4 in.

Additional Technical Specifications

Download Technical Specifications for SRS-P100 (PDF,75KB)

Targeted for the municipal, airport, and contractor market, this 100-125 + TPH melter is the portable, environmentally friendly way to solve your snow storage problems. Our closed loop HTS melting process ensures you are not adding pollutants to the by-product melt water.

The entire system can be towed from site to site utilizing a tandem axle commercial grade dump truck, has a guaranteed 100 ton per hour (TPH) melt capacity, is just under 38 feet in length, has a simple control system, and features hydraulically operated lifting/tilting cleanout trays. These trays allow the in-tank grit/residue to easily slide through the cleanout doors. It is a very simple and efficient system.