Mobile Snowmelter (Under R&D At This Time)



Rated Melt Capacity 150 + tons/hr
Burner Output 35,000,000 BTU/hr (single burner)
Tank Water Temp. 80°F
Exit Water Temp. 39 – 40°F
Fuel No. 2 “winterized” diesel
Fuel Flow to Burner 175 – 195 US GPH
Water Outflow 500 US GPM
Tank Circulation 1500 US GPM
Engine/Gent Set Diesel/Electric Generator

The SRS-M150 is the mobile, environmentally friendly way to solve your snow storage problems. Our closed loop HTS melting process ensures you are not adding pollutants to the by-product melt water.

The unit requires just a single operator to replace what could take up to three operators, with three pieces of equipment, for current removal processes. All controls are mounted inside the cab to allow the operator to focus on the tasks at hand while staying out of the elements. The mobility of this melting machine creates access to areas not currently considered for this type of process.